TangleSxm is a site dedicated to the people of Sint Maarten And the Caribbean island of St. Martin. We are a tiny island, small enough to fit comfortably within the bounds of Los Angeles County, California, from which I moved to live here. 

The island’s chief industry is tourism, which also defines our seasons: high and low. The reference is to both the density of the tourist population and temperatures. High season is marked by comfortable temperatures and high tourism, while low season features low rates of tourism, scorching temperatures, and higher tendencies to strong storms and hurricanes. Regardless of season, it is a beautiful place to live and visit, with wonderful people and lots of beaches and warm weather activities. 

Art is an important part of the lives of the culture, and the island is permanent or vacation home to many talented artists. 

But Zentangle is not art per se. Zentangle©️ is a method of mindful meditation through the process of drawing repetitions of patterns. The repetition is soothing, and the use of the Zentangle Method®️ has been shown scientifically to lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Although I have been tangling since 2015, and became a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) in early 2017, I continue to feel like a novice. New patterns are constantly emerging, both from Zentangle Headquarters and from very talented CZTs and other tanglers.

Please join me on my tangling journey!

Happy tangling!

4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you! It’s time to start blogging again, now that Irma has wiped us out! But SXM will rebuild, and I’ll be back on the island spreading the Zentangle Method. Time for an update or two!


  1. This is a cool pattern new pattern of Saffy’s! Thank you for presenting it on your blog with so many demonstration tiles!!!!!


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