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Cadent and Huggins—Related but Different

During the past several months, both during lockdown and while opening the island to its residents, some of my neighbors have been holding tangling sessions. We meet by the community pool and tangle for a couple of hours each Wednesday morning, following the recommended social distancing and wearing masks. Usually I lug my easel down and use the old fashioned teaching tool of drawing on large sheets of newsprint.

Today, two tangles we played with are Cadent and Huggins, loosely related in that the basics of both patterns start with “grids” of orbs. Here is how to start the basic grid and the most basic forms of the Cadent and Huggins patterns.

Orb grid and very basic stepouts for Cadent and Huggins

Today, everything we did was on scrap paper. So much about the plans to open our little island to international visitors was discussed that there was no time to produce any beautiful tiles. And this group produces gorgeous tiles!

Hope you enjoyed a short and direct post today. If these tangles are new to you, or if you have forgotten them, I hope the stepouts helped and inspired fresh ideas.

Until next time, Happy Tangling!